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Underarm Laser Hair Removal


Lift those arms with confidence and let the sun shine through!

We all no the feeling of having hairy underarms, especially those hot summer days. The odour, itchiness and discomfort caused with the build up of sweaty armpits. Skins has the solution!

Save time with Underarm Laser Hair Removal

This is definitely one of the popular ones and we can understand why. Since maintaining underarm can be very tedious and embarassing at times. By permanently removing the underarm hairs gives you one less thing to worry about. As shaving or waxing methods have proven to be ineffective in the long run and require constant up keep, as well as this they can cause discomfort by leaving the area irritated and high possibility of ingrown hairs.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Women

Underarm hair is the most common seen area for women who prefer to where short sleeve or sleeveless. This being said we all know this area also suffers from dark, coarse hair making it very noticeable.

As stated shaving, waxing or other methods cause irritation, bumps and require daily maintenance. Women often request underarm laser hair removal at Skins to ensure their underarms are left feeling smooth, soft and hair free for longer!


Elimination of razor burns and bumps caused by traditional methods for hair removal.
Underarm sweat reduced.
Reduced odour.
Eliminates stubble.
Less irritation and ingrown hairs.
No burning sensation when applying deodorant.
Softer, smoother skin.
Save more money and time.

Underarms Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men who suffer from excessive sweating can relate to how of putting the odour and irritation is coming from underarm hair. Doctors have advised some men to consider laser hair removal to help with the issue. As laser hair removal will completely remove the hairs or in the long run give permanent hair reduction, where the hairs are much thinner than before. Both will show a reduction in perspiration as there is less trapped sweat.

Benefits of Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Men

Less maintenance.
Reduction in sweat and odour.
Well groomed and clean look.
Softer, smoother skin.
Save more money and time.