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Neck Laser Hair Removal 


Stick Your Neck Out Hair Free!

Neck hair removal is frustrating. Asking friends or families to hold the mirror is no longer the only option.

Relax Your Neck

Relax your neck, Skins laser clinic has got you. We understand dark, coarse neck hairs can be unsightly. The location of the neck means its difficult to cover up those unwanted hairs, and traditional methods are a very short term fix, often times leaving stubble and visible obvious where the hairs have been treated. Laser hair removal at skins is the best option.

Neck Laser Hair Removal for Women

This is a very common issue. If you suffer from dark neck hair you already know how painstakingly time consuming it is and even then its a short term fix. Laser hair removal at Skins targets the neck hairs removing them completely and not leaving any signs if hair removal. As well as this the laser will leave your skin feeling smoother offering flawless looking skin.


Eliminate stubble.
Less irritation, redness and ingrown hairs.
Remove hair from difficult areas.
No signs of hair removal attempts.
Softer, smoother looking skin.
Save more money and time.

Neck Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men often suffering from excessive sweating have complained about itchy and irritated skin around the neck line. Neck hair for men is also quite embarrassing as it can connect to other areas of hair such as the upper back and upper chest, showing a trail of hair. However getting rid of this problem is no longer a concern with Skins Neck Laser Hair Removal. For men who don’t wish to remove the hair completely can opt to thinning the hair instead.

Benefits of Neck Laser Hair Removal for Men

Reduction in the possibility of ingrown hairs, blemishes and infections.
Prevent irritation and chafing.
Option to completely remove or thin the hairs.
Softer smoother skin.
Save more money and time.
Increased confidence and overall well being.