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Facial Laser Hair Removal 

Say Good Bye To Embarrassing Facials Hair Forever!

Fed up with waxing, tweezing etc those annoying facial hairs?! Well now you don’t have to. Laser hair removal is the only solution to guarantee to permanent hair reduction and in some cases permanently removing the hair completely.

Better Skin

Did you know having facial laser hair removal does not just remove the hair but also further benefits to having improved skin. Tweezing, shaving and waxing have shown to damage and irritate skin. In some cases resulting to irreparable damage. Laser hair removal is safe, effective and will also help improve the quality of your skin.

Facial Laser Hair Removal For Women

Unfortunately, we all suffer from some sort of facial hair problem. From excessive, dark or coarse facial hair which can lead to feeling insecure. Methods used before require time and constant up keep! And the hairs that grow back usually come back thicker and more stubble, making it difficult to remove surrounding hairs harder. No wonder at Skins Laser Clinic one of our most requested treatments is Facial Laser Hair Removal. Common areas treated are, upper lip, chin and side burns, leaving our clients feeling confident and happier.


Gets rid of stubble, which is not possible to remove with other methods.
Minimised skin irritations, redness and ingrown hairs.
Makeup applied looks smoother as the face is now more even.
Softer skin.
Improved confidence, resulting to better health. Happier you.
Long term you’ll save more.

Common Facial Laser Hair Removal Areas For Women

Upper Lip
Upper neck

Facial  Laser Hair Removal For Men

Men also suffer from facial hair insecurities. At Skins the most common area for facial laser hair removal is Beard (cheeks, neckline). However, we have seen a further increase with men also treating problem areas such as the Unibrow and Ear Lobes.


Daily shaving is no longer needed.
Reduction in blemishes and ingrown hairs.
Permanent hair reduction in unwanted areas.
Overall a cleaner well groomed look!

Common Facial Laser Hair Removal For Men

Beard (neckline and cheeks)