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Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

I Got My Eyes On You… U’need’a’brow!

Don’t let excessive hairy unibrows lose your eye contact. Maintenance is much simpler at Skins Laser Clinic.

Are you still using wax and tweezers?

We all know that maintaining eyebrows is a tedious task. Especially for those who suffer from dark, excessive hairs. Even though wax and tweezers was once upon a time were a common practice, its is a very short term fix. In a matter of weeks those unwanted hairs are back! If you suffer from the unibrow, you know how embarrassing it can be if you neglect regular maintenance. Why not permanently separate your uni brow with Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal at Skins. Other hair removal methods cause irritation, redness and sometimes even permanent scarring.