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Back Laser Hair Removal

I’m Back and Hair Free!

Do you suffer from the hairy back syndrome. Skins may have the solution, Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal To Make Your Back Smoother and Softer.

Back hair has always been considered as on the most aesthetically unappealing areas. It is also the main area to suffer from folliculitis. A condition caused by the development of inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. This can be a painful lesion with itchiness and ingrown hairs being some of the drawbacks. As well as this, back hairs can also cause skin blemishes and irritation through sweating. Skins has one of the best laser systems available to help with the removal of hair successfully and effectively.

Back Laser Hair Removal for Women

This is a common place where hair is usually at its highest growth. At Skins we have treated a large number of woman suffering from excessive dark hair particularly on their lower back. This is also a difficult area to remove hair from using traditional hair removal methods. Unfortunately the stubble that develops after shaving or waxing etc can be more embarrassing than the hair itself. However Laser Hair Removal at Skins can put you mind at ease, as its the only solution that can help tackle this issue successfully and effectively.


Removes hair from difficult to reach areas.
Eliminates stubble often left after traditional hair removal methods.
Less redness, irritation and ingrown hairs.
Softer and smoother skin,
Save more time and money.
Look good and feel great!

Back Laser Hair Removal For Women

This has quickly become the second most favoured choice for laser hair removal by men. Men who suffer from excessive dark, coarse hair often have the drawback of irritation, blemishes and sweating. These problems fortunately can be eliminated by laser hair removal at Skins. Back laser hair removal covers areas such as shoulders and lats too. Men have said after the treatment they feel much lighter and theres less sweat trapped so overall less irritation.

Benefits of Back Laser Hair Removal for Men

Prevent workouts interruption from sweat induced irritation.
Less chances of ingrown hairs, blemishes and infections.
Reduced sweat.
Softer smoother skin.
More confidence and overall well being.
Save more money and time.